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Technology - Wavefront

Recently approved by the FDA, wavefront technology allows our doctors to provide a more detailed, precise vision analysis. Like a fingerprint, every eye is different. Wavefront technology measures the way light travels through your eye, mapping over 9,600 data points, then creates a 3D map of your visual system. This precise information is used to create your personally tailored vision correction plan, and is then digitally transferred to the laser. The laser's tracking system detects every small, involuntary movement of the eye and immediately corrects for them - keeping the laser exactly on target. The result is a better quality of vision, possibly well beyond normal standards.

Recognized as a leader in technology and surgical techniques, Nebraska Laser Eye Associates research the latest technology to provide the safest, most accurate equipment available. Because each eye is unique, we use a  VISX CustomVue wavefront system that treats nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism with the best possible results.

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