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Educational Seminars

2019 Refractive and Cataract Review     PDF File  Download

2018 Refractive Surgery     PDF File  Download

Understanding The Femto Flap

2017 Discrimination: Refractive Patients     PDF File  Download

Current law prohibits discrimination against any group of patients with a specific disorder

2018 Cataract Surgery Review     PDF File  Download

2017 Complex refractive surgery     PDF File  Download

Anteror basement membrane dystrophy. Trauma

2017 Cataract risks and indications     PDF File  Download

Risk factors for capsular rupture. Testing visual impairment

2017 Complex Cataract Surgery     PDF File  Download

History of a central vein occlusion and multiple steroid injections. Zonular dehiscense and choidroidal hemorrhage.

2015 Review of Non-Surgical Cases     PDF File  Download

Surgery is not indicated in patients with topographic evidence of an abnormal cornea,very high corrections,cataract,keoid formation, history of syncope, and age under 18 or over 60.

2016 Review of the Physics and Biology of Vision  Download

2016 Review of Lasik Enhancement Surgery     PDF File  Download

2016 Refractive Case Studies  Download

2015 Refractive Surgery Review     PDF File  Download

2014 Catarart Review     PDF File  Download

2014 Cataract Surgery Cases     PDF File  Download

Complex Surgical Cases- See select Cases on Videos

2014 Refractive Symposium  Download

2013 Cataract Review     PDF File  Download

2013 Spring Refractive Symposium  Download

March 2013

2012 Cataract Symposium  Download

Sept 2012

Understanding the Tools in Refractive Surgery: The First Fifteen Years     PDF File  Download

Nebraska Optometric Association Spring Conference, April 14, 2012

2012 Refractive Symposium  Download

2011 Cataract Symposium  Download

Refractive symposium 2011  Download

2010 Cataract Symposium  Download

Nebraska Optometric Spring Conference 2010     PDF File  Download

Cataract surgery in hte Young and Young at Heart

March 27,2010

Refractive symposium 2010     PDF File  Download

8th Annual Refractive Symposium Feb 2010

Cataract review Fall 2009     PDF File  Download

Refractive symposium 2009     PDF File  Download

7th Annual review Feb 2009

Review lens surgery 2008     PDF File  Download

Review of issues in cataract surgery

Cataract surgery 2008     PDF File  Download

2008 Refractive Update     PDF File  Download

Yearly survey results

5th Refractive Symposium March 2007     PDF File  Download

Yearly survey of results and new principles in refractive surgery

4th Annual Refractive Symposium     PDF File  Download

Omaha's Zoo, February 2006

3rd Annual Refractive Symposium     PDF File  Download

Omaha's Zoo, February 2005

Nebraska Optometric Association     PDF File  Download

Presented at the fall 2004 NOA convention

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