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Safety of Decreased OVD Volume Using a Balanced Salt Solution Bubble During IOL Insertion     Video File  Download

ASCRS 2018: Using the secondary side-port incision, Balanced Salt Solution (BSS) is slowly inserted into the capsular bag, thus creating a BSS “Bubble” in the central capsular bag

Sulcus IOL with Zonular Dehiscence     Video File  Download

The capsular bag is intact. With placement of the IOL into the sulcus, the extent of the zonular dehiscence is noted. (There is insufficient support for a posterior chamber lens and a decision was made to convert to an anterior chamber IOL).

Removal of the loose capsular bag  Download

The capsular bag is removed, along with some anterior vitreous. (Following a vitrectomy an anterior chamber IOL will be inserted)

Posterior capsular tear during Phako     Video File  Download

During removal of a dense lens, a tear is noted in the posterior capsule.The spatula is used to verify that there is vitreous in the AC.

Aspiration of Cortex     Video File  Download

Viscoelastic is placed in the chamber and residual cortex is removed (without engaging vitreous)

Anterior vitrectomy  Download

(After removal of the cortex) Irrigation is used to assist in removal of the anterior vitreous

Expansion of the anterior sulcus with viscoelastic     Video File  Download

To assist in placement of the IOL into the sulcus, the anterior capsule is pushed back with viscoelastic. (The posterior chamber lens was then placed between the anterior capsule and the iris)

Anterior Basement Membrane Dystrophy     Video File  Download

Note that the epithelium is esily removed with a microsponge. No alcohol is neccessary to soften the epithelium.

Lasik over an Intraocular lens     Video File  Download

Note the reflex from the intraocular lens is decentered and then can be moved as the suction ring is tilted

Decentration of a 78 diopter lens over an amsler grid     Video File  Download

Note that the center of the amsler grid which is fixed appears to move when the lens is decentered

Excimer minus sphere ablation on plastic     Video File  Download

Note the White fluorescence during the ablation. Note the steps with increasing depth.

Excimer ablation on plastic card     Video File  Download

Note how the excimer removes a very thin film of material without underlying damage

Excimer laser side view     Video File  Download

Side view while doing test sphere on plastic. Note the Plume

Excimer ablation paper  Download

Note how pieces of the paper fly off as it is broken up

Tracker looses centration with lifting the flap     Video File  Download

The tracker looses centration after the flap is lifted. This is easily corrected by adjusting the infrared illumination lights. this vides demonstrates the importance of watching for proper centration of the tracker.

Enhancement with Removal of the epithelium after alcohol     Video File  Download

The epithelium has been loosed with a round sponge soaked in 1/3 alcohol and BBS. This is placed on the cornea for about one minute until the epithelium is loose. In this video this epithelial looseness is demonstrated before the epithelium is removed. After epithelial removal the laser ablation iscdone and a contact applied.

Visx ablation with the traker and a nasal offset     Video File  Download

A Visx laser treatment is done with the tracker set with a nasal offset, over the visual axis. The cylinder treatment is first, followed by the sphere, and then the blend.

Bi-manual aspiration of cortex     Video File  Download

Note the capture of the capsule in the aspiration port

Cracking a dense nucleus     Video File  Download

Aspiration of cortex-folds     Video File  Download

Posterior pressure creates folds in the cortex. The width of the folds is approximately the same as the thickness of the cortex.

Capsulotomy in a mature cataract     Video File  Download

The capsule is stained blue

B&L Technolas Excimer Ablation     Video File  Download

The Excimer laser spots are not visible. However when the excimer laser is adsorbed into the tissue,  there is a secondary florescence of a visible blue light.

Setting the Laser on the Visual Axis     Video File  Download

The red and green focusing beams are aligned. The tracker is activated and the laser ablation beam is adjusted over the visual axis/apex with the x/y toggle

Recurrent Erosion Syndrome Epithelial Removal     Video File  Download

The Epithelial is poorly adherent to the cornea and can be mostly removed with a microsponge

Keratome head demonstration     Video File  Download

Jammed keratome demonstration     Video File  Download

Keratome head misalignment     Video File  Download

Routine LASIK 2008     Video File  Download

Routine IntraLase 2007     Video File  Download

Routine IntraLase 2007

LASIK with ABMD  Download

Note the loose epithelium at the 9 o'clock position.Minimal manipulation is used and a contact lens applied.

VISX Infrared Tracker     Video File  Download

Note the registration process and the slight movement of the calculated center

Routine enhancement 2006     Video File  Download

Refloat slipped flap Part 1     Video File  Download

Refloat slipped flap Part 2     Video File  Download

Epithelial Ingrowth following enhancement     Video File  Download

Visx Active Trac  Download

Note progressive decentration during ablation. Video presented at 2010 ASCRS with a poster on ActiveTrac decentration. 

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