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Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Is there any pain?

2)  Who is not a candidate?

3)  I am currently wearing contacts. Do I need to do something special?

4)  How long does the surgery take and how long will I need to take off work?

5)  Are both eyes corrected at the same time?

6)  I'm around age 40. Will LASIK work for me?

Presbyopia is a condition caused by the natural growth of the eye's crystalline lens over time. As the lens grows it loses flexibility, reducing its ability to change shape and focus. This results in difficulty focusing on close up objects or tasks. Presbyopia increases with age such that even people that have never needed glasses will begin to have trouble reading or seeing objects close up after age 40.

Laser vision correction with monovision is an option, and involves surgically correcting one eye for distance and one eye for intermediate or near vision. Usually it takes several weeks for the eyes to adjust to having two different focus points. Over time, the brain learns to use the eye that has the best vision for the distance being viewed. Monovision makes it possible to do most activities without glasses. Patients may still need reading or magnifying lenses to see small print or may use distance glasses for driving, especially at night.

7)  If I have dry eyes, will LASIK make my eyes more dry?

8)  Will I see everything the doctor is doing during the treatment?

9)  What does "wavefront" mean?

10)  What's my next step?

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