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Frequently Asked Questions


1)  Is there any pain?

2)  Who is not a candidate?

3)  I am currently wearing contacts. Do I need to do something special?

4)  How long does the surgery take and how long will I need to take off work?

5)  Are both eyes corrected at the same time?

6)  I'm around age 40. Will LASIK work for me?

7)  If I have dry eyes, will LASIK make my eyes more dry?

8)  Will I see everything the doctor is doing during the treatment?

We use topical anesthetic drops to numb your eye during the procedure. A small lid holder will hold your eye open. When the flap is created, your vision will be dark. During later steps, patients say that it feels like having someone work on a window above you, or working on the surface of your glasses. There is a blinking light inside the laser to focus on during the procedure. Any eye movements will be followed by the laser’s eye tracking system. The laser is accurate to the level of .25 microns (a human hair is 125 microns in diameter). No stitches are necessary because the two layers of the cornea are naturally “sticky” and will easily adhere to each other once the flap has been put back in position.

9)  What does "wavefront" mean?

10)  What's my next step?

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